Spiced Pear Collins

There’s a morning each year, sometime in mid-autumn, when I walk outside and find myself raising my nose to the air and taking in a long, deep whiff. Something is different, and that something is magnificent. In those moments, I want nothing more than to capture the essence of the season—preferably in consumable form. So I couldn’t have been more thrilled when a recent excursion to New York’s Prima restaurant landed me face-to-face with one such opportunity. Immersive and revitalizing, they offered a drink (on their menu as The Last Cocktail) that’s an autumnal, frothy mix of gin, prosecco, pear purée, rosemary-infused agave, lemon juice, and powdered cloves. I was soon gleefully reeling at my discovery: a perfectly balanced gin-based cocktail that was thoroughly seasonal, embodying fall’s fleeting marriage of sharp brightness and soothing comfort. Read the full article and get my recipe on Saveur.com »